the Barn to Table Process

Barn Selection


 We work closely with local vendors that source only the highest possible quality reclaimed barn wood. Taking into careful consideration; species, dimensional stability, absence of rot and pests, character, and of course historical interest.  



 Our crews take great pride in the deconstruction process. They go to great lengths to remove each individual piece carefully to preserve its history, knowing that soon it will become apart of a new story.  

Cataloging and Inventory


After disassembly is complete we separate, organize, and catalog each piece of barn wood into its respective place in our large inventory. 

Milling and Dimensioning


Each piece of barn wood has a story, a history, and a unique past all its own. It is at this stage that we determine the absolute best possible application for every individual piece and begin to turn your vision into actuality. 

Assembly and Test Fitting


After dimensioning, cutting, and prepping we begin the final stages of test fitting. During this last step of the Barn to Table process we check to ensure perfect alignment and fitment of each piece. 

Finished Product


After countless hours of procuring, milling, and fabrication all our hard work comes together in one harmonious piece of custom furniture. Your vision now a reality and hand made just for you.